Lauren Loretto:
UK's sexy diva previously signed to Positiva, is fast on her way to success with the help of the UK-PoP team. Unlike many pre-popstars our very own Lara Croft turned singer, did not turn to music at the age of 5. Lauren began working in the world of commercial modelling whilst winning many talent shows with her honeyed tones. Having working closely with vocal coach Janet Christie, she soon learnt the necessary tools of the trade to take her music career a step forward. She quickly began working with various studio producers and found a flair for lyric and topline writing. UK-PoP were very lucky to find this lovely gem and are in the process of producing and writing Lauren's first album. Her first 2 singles have been completed and the video, consisting of a cast of 20 and a crew of 35, has already been shot in London. Watch out for this on MTV soon.

We are please to introduce Australian born KYA, an RnB/Pop singer with a passion for music and performance, close to hitting the world of music in a big way. Ever since she was able to speak, she communicated her desire to wear sparkly outfits and to be the centre of attention (an attitude common amongst performers). She insisted on being involved in every play and musical and dance troop she could and was convinced she was put here for one sole purpose; to sing. The team at UK-PoP have been given the great opportunity to be able to produce and write for KYA, who is currently signed to the great Expresso.

Leo B:
UK-PoP have had the pleasure of working with Leo B for the past 6 months on his album tracks and a track for Barcardi world drinks. As far as Leo-B remembers, he found his musical enlightenment first through listening to everything from Ska to Funk, Pop to Jazz, Classical and varying forms of Gospel as a child. Leo-B sings, produces, writes and or performs with and for some of the finest acts either on the world stage now. Leo says, "...It's not only about talent, it's can also be about the adaptability to learn and implement it, and the opportunity. I love writing, and taking in the words of a great song. When I'm writing a track for someone else to sing, I'll attempt to 'pen it' from their perspective or brief as much a possible. That way, when they come to sing it, they'll be able to feel it, and give a more honest feeling to it when it comes to the recording".

Reece Hodgson:
Reece is UK-PoP's resident guitarist and lyricist. Picked up his first guitar at the age of 18, his brother taught him and few chords and it was then that he became hooked. The lure of writing his own material was with him from day one. Of course, his first few songs were, what shall we say, not up to scratch but then everyone has to start somewhere right?! Since then he has been fortunate enough to receive some great reviews of his material and also has come a runner up in 22 American songwriting competitions. Reece first meet Carrie many years ago at college and it was shortly afterwards they identified an equal enthusiasm for music and began the first of many collaborations. They have vowed to be a team for life and to share the up's & down's of this harsh music industry.

We are delighted to be working later this year with Indian born songstress Sandy Sangera, along with a variety of other big producers, on her first album. After completing guest vocals for an Indian artiste earlier this year, this in turn, led her a lead part in a giant music video. The crew was 100 strong and pulled in hundreds of viewers off the streets. We look forward to hearing more of Sandy's achievements soon.

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