UK-PoP's managing director/founder, producer and BMI affilated international songwriter Carrie Searley, has been working in the music industry since a very early age as an engineer. UK-PoP productions have been used for major label clients, radio & TV ad's, voice over's, music videos and presentations. It is vital that UK-PoP achieve first class results for clients and are here to offer songwriting support for every artiste who requires assistance or advice about this harsh industry. We can provide facilities to record anything from vocals for a cover song to full song production/arrangement.

From time to time we look for collaborator's and artistes who we feel we can develop and welcome you to contact us if you feel that you have something original to offer the music industry. We have the use of trustworthy publishers and managers who can exploit material through a variety of ways such as major labels and major music events like MIDEM

Recording: UK-PoP has the facilities to record exceptionally high quality vocals in our acoustically treated booth. We can also cater for drummers who wish to use our in-house Alesis DM5 pro kit.

If you require our mixing services please do ensure that you remove ALL processing i.e. compression, limiting etc from you buss or faders and that your master track is free from this too. All files should be in the format of .aiff or .wav and should not be compressed to MP3 etc. We are happy to receive files either uploaded to our secure FTP site or on USB sticks, hard drives, DVD's CD's (please save as project data) etc. Mini disks are not recommended due to it's use of ATRAC compression.

This highly essential service is merely to polish your recording for a release quality sound and to ensure that your loudness stands out. At this stage specific mastering tools are used to apply dynamic range compression or maximisation during this critical process.

We can turn your artistic ideas into reality by creating professionally designed artwork for your CD inserts by using your photo's or photo's taken by one of our professional photographers.

We also have a large team of directors, producers, stylists, animators etc ready to shoot what could be the next biggest UK artiste/band. We have the facilities to cater for whatever your budget requires. We encourage artistes to think carefully about where they are aiming to promote their videos as different types of mainstream music channels stipulate different types of formats i.e. MTV require your material to be handed in on SONY HD CAM SR where as Sky 370 Channel AKA require videos in FLV format and Sky 467 Channel U only accept Standard Definition such as DVD, Digital Betacam and Mini DV they do not accept HD and Blue Ray Media.


We can arrange for an International Standard Recording Code to be assigned to your tracks and music videos which will identify your specific recording on playback for royalties, it may look something like this - UK CAS 10 01625 Please click here to visit PPL This code identifies the following:

  • The country of origin - a 2 digit ref.
  • The Registrant (3 characters for the record company or producer/copyright owner).
  • Year (2 characters for the year that the ISRC was assigned, 2010 in this example).
  • Designation Code (5 characters assigned sequentially by the registrant). It will identify which song it is, maybe which album it's from, or even which version.
Please use our contact page to discuss your requirements.

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